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Asian Games PES2018 Malaysian Qualifier


Welcome, PES fans and enthusiasts of Malaysia! Please read on the information and settings for the tournament. Reason being, this page is another step towards being a professional PES gamer!

Competition format:
Qualification format for PES2018 that will be used for Asian Games 2018 Jakarta – Palembang is “Team Format”, where two (2) players will be under BEST OF 3 (BO3) format, where:

Match 1: 1v1 (Individual)
Match 2: 2v2 (Coop)
Match 3: 1v1 (Individual)

If 1 team managed to secure two (2) straight wins, they will be automatically qualified to the next round, and the third match will not have to be played.
Only LICENSED CLUBS might be used – please refer to

Both competing teams CANNOT use the same club. If both teams choose the same club, a coin-toss will be made to determine who will be using the desired club for the round.

In the same round, participating teams CANNOT use the same club twice. For Match 1, if Team A have already used FC Barcelona, they will have to use any other licensed clubs other than FC Barcelona (example: Arsenal). This applies for the third game too. Team A will have to pick any other licensed clubs other than already-used FC Barcelona and Arsenal (example: PSG).

The Malaysian Qualifier will be at 09.00 am on 26th of May 2018 (Saturday), and will take place at the following eSports Centre:
NaGaming eSports Centre,
B4-1-2, Gaya@Melawati,
Lorong Selangor, Taman Melawati,
53100, Kuala Lumpur.

Remark: NaGaming is searchable via Waze and Google Maps
Registration fee is RM35.00 per Team (non-refundable), consisting of two (2) players. The registration link is as below:

Any inquiries may be directed to PES Malaysia via +60125402341 (Yazid).
Game Settings:

Match Level: Super Star
Match Time: 10 Minutes
No. of Substitution: 3
Players Emotions: OFF
Condition HOME: Yellow Arrow
Condition AWAY: Yellow Arrow
Injuries: OFF

Stadium Settings: PES League Stadium
Time: Night
Season: Summer
Weather: Fine
Length of Grass: Normal
Pitch of Conditions: Normal

Camera Settings:
Camera Type: Dynamic Wide
Zoom: 2
Height: 2

Match Screen Settings:
Radar Appearance: BOTTOM
Player Name Plate: ON
Colour of Radar Dots (Home): Default
Colour of Radar Dots (Away): Default
Power Gauge: ON
Cursor Display: ON
Stamina Gauge: OFF
Time/Score: ON
Display Opponent Player Name: OFF
Set Piece Guides: ON
Game Speed Settings: 0 (Default)

Malaysian representatives will then fight for the two (2) spots of SEA via an Online Qualifier between participating SEA countries. Details on the event to be furnished, upon receipt of information and confirmation.
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